How do I obtain a password?
In order to use S4desktop, you must be a current subscriber to our service. Please direct subscription inquiries to sales@springfour.cc

I lost my password, can you help?
Yes. Ask your supervisor first --they may be able to help. If not, feel free to email support@springfour.cc

What if I want to track our results or know how often my staff is using S4desktop?
S4desktop offers usage reports that allows an organization to track usage by user, service category, and geography all in real time.

What if I forgot how to run my reports?
Please contact us at support@springfour.cc and we will be happy to show you how to run your own reports and provide you with your admin level user credentials (needed to run reports).


Which service referral category will best suit my client?
Just click on the info button to the right of each service category to see an overview of what is available. You can choose additional service categories to help with other issues the consumer is facing. In fact, most users select multiple service categories to assist their client.

After I search, how do I find the website and telephone number?
To read more about the service and/or organization, use the 'Refer To Service' button located directly below the service description.

The Referral Summary isn’t working right –it’s empty even when I make referrals. What’s going on?
If you are using Internet Explorer, your browser history is likely “remembering” information from previous referrals you have made.

Follow the following steps to set Internet Explorer correctly:
  1. 1. Go to “Settings” (the “Gear” symbol in upper right) >> Internet Options >> General Tab >> Click 'Settings' near Browsing History.
  2. 2. From there, make sure that the setting for 'Check for newer versions of stored pages' is set to: “Every time I visit the webpage”
  3. 3. Hit OK, Hit Apply, Hit OK to close the Options window.

If this doesn’t work, or you have a different tech issue, please contact us at support@springfour.cc

How do I send my client referral information?
After you have selected multiple listings, click on the referral summary to see the options. You can copy and paste the information, print or email directly to your client.

What if I have a great story to tell about how a referral from S4desktop helped my client?
We love to hear how S4desktop is helping people or making your job easier. Please contact us at success@springfour.cc to share a story. We will be sure to contact you before we share any details.

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